ANARCHY Apparel Cranium Tank Top

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The brand has its origin in Scandinavia and gets its inspiration from the nature and surroundings. The origin of the name Anarchy Apparel is the thoughts of an individual athlete that nobody controls. Someone who is his/her own emperor/empress. You determine your own goals and decide when to achieve them, to stop halfway or simply just walk away. You’re going your own way and don’t give a shit about anyone’s opinion.
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Offers a stylish and classic look that is easy to match most of the time. With high comfort and easy stretch, it has a nice fit that fits nicely in the right places, and enhances your feminine shapes in a flattering way.
Anarchy Apparel Cranium Tanktop workout lining is fitted with mesh on the back, which further adds to a high level of comfort and a cool feeling. The high-performance polyester and spandex material makes the linen durable, light and flexible, just what is needed for your workout!
Material : 87% polyester, 13% spandex



Large, Medium

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