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Gym and Fitness Fashion - the idea!

At Gym and Fitness Fashion we will strive to provide the latest Gym and Fitness Fashion Apparel and Accessories for both men and women from around the world who offer a fantastic choice of fitness apparel and products with outstanding quality and fitness fashion.

Gym and Fitness Fashion’s unique combination of contemporary active wear brands, casual wear and accessories will give motivation to not only be outstanding and original but also the active wear apparel will ensure maximum comfort that enhances your performance during any type of exercise, so that you will be able to enjoy all the attention in style and comfort..!

As we, Kymmie and Michael share a passion for gym life, fitness and fitness fashion, together we decided to combine our passions and commence a retail website outlet having various fitness fashions of active wear fitness apparel and accessories for men and women that we ourselves have felt comfortable wearing and have been complemented on. We strive to select a wide range of various uniquely designed fitness and fashion apparel and accessories which will include the latest styles and colours from brand names around the world. In addition to the stylish active wear apparel we will have a separate line of casual wear available that can be worn comfortably after your workout or at any time of day or night. Gym and Fitness Fashion attend various Fitness Expo’s, Body Building and Fitness Competitions as well as various Yoga and Health and Fitness Events with our many different clothing brands.

Our unique Gym and Fitness Fashion Clothing Brands will strive to ensure innovative and quality materials to maximise a comfortable fit during exercise, which will meet the requirements for both men and women whether it be your hard-core bodybuilding gymlife style, or for more contemporary gymlife enjoyment. Our stylish Gym and Fitness Fashion Active Wear and Accessories can also be worn by those who enjoy all categories of fitness which may include Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Spin Classes, Aerobics, etc. Our Gym and Fitness Fashion Apparel and Accessories can also be enjoyed by individuals that are extremely serious athletes or for those who desire to enjoy the latest fitness fashion whilst walking to the local park, beach or coffee shop to enjoy life.

Gym and Fitness Fashion focuses on bringing sexy fitness wear to the active modern man and woman. We are dedicated to men’s and women’s exercise needs and we are always looking for the best new active wear for you. We have the workout clothes you need to help you stay fit and look your best while working out. Our brands from around the world are carefully designed with high performance fabrics such as Supplex/Lycra and many fabrics using cutting-edge technology to produce extremely comfortable flexible outfits without ever losing its original shape. Our brands have been specially designed to be soft to the touch, yet strong enough to withstand gruelling workouts whether indoors or out in the elements.

Gym and Fitness Fashion are a leading seller in men’s and women’s fitness fashion, workout wear, exercise clothing, and casual wear for multiple wearing options. We are excited about the range and quality of products that we provide from worldwide. Inspired by rich colours, versatility, high-quality fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship, we’ve put together a robust line of sports clothing and men’s and women’s sportswear to motivate your lifestyle. We are a Company created by men and women for men and women who want to look and feel their best while exercising, relaxing, or on the go.

We are extremely selective about the product lines we carry. We strive to find the highest quality merchandise and the best values for our customers. We feature products from various leading brand names in the industry……..



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We the proprietors of Gym and Fitness Fashion enjoy living an active and positive lifestyle.

Our gym life lifestyle begun many years ago as per this photo taken by our good mate Michael, not knowing where it would lead us to today, which is operating our own Gym and Fitness Fashion Apparel and Accessories Online Retail Outlet.